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Nov 18, 2008

below is a letter written by former Baltimore Colts BOB GRANT

to the St. LouisPost-Dispatch-

this letter is awesome and worthy of your reading!



Thank you for being a real "stand up guy."  There are not a lot of people in the media who have had the courage to speak up for Retired NFL players.  The NFLPA and the NFL Owners are actually one and the same and we continue, with the help of people like yourself, to expose their unfair treatment of Retired Players and to get them to do the "right thing."  

We are not asking them to give us great wealth.  We are just asking them to give us the fair treatment that we have earned, to stop lying to the media and the public about brain trauma suffered by so many professional football players, to allow us a righteous vote in Union affairs, to help us with needed health insurance costs, to elevate our pension and disability benefits to that of MLB, and to embrace the men who made it possible for them and all of their Lawyers to earn the money that they do today.  

We would also like for them to admit to the young men who are playing today that, on average, most of them will not live to collect the pension that they have been promised.  They, like us, will die somewhere around fifty-four (54) years of age but cannot begin collecting their pensions until they are fifty-five (55) years old.  We would also like for them to admit to the youngsters that much of the trauma and damage from Pro Football will not show up until years after they have retired.  

Gene Upshaw did some good things early in his tenure but in the end he did all that he could to deny us fair treatment. How often in history have you heard of a Union Head fighting against fair treatment for the members of his own Union?  

The average secretary and janitor at NFLPA Headquarters have salaries that are up to ten (10) times greater than the pensions that many of our great retired players receive each month. How on earth can that possibly be justified?    

Gene left, in place, a group of men who are still fighting with all of their might to carry on with the mean spirited tradition that Upshaw left in place.  The real Advocates for retired NFL players are the men in our Group of fighters.   

A great man once said that "No powerful man ever surrenders power voluntarily."  The NFLPA and the NFL will not do it either.  But we as Retired Player Advocates will continue in our fight against them until Truth prevails.  

Thanks Again For Your Courage And Honesty,

Bob Grant

Retired Baltimore Colt Player Advocate  

p.s. If you use this email in your column, please let "them" know that we are not going away.